“According to my experience, the project Internship for Change shed new light on the perception of internship seen through the eyes of the business community, academia, and the actual doers-the students. The workshops gave some new air in the general understanding of how internship works and what is its actual contribution to the operation of the businesses and consequently the society in general. These workshops:

– Represented self-reflection made on behalf of all three parties involved in the process (companies as internship providers, career centers as internship recruiters and students as internship agents);
– Enhanced their inner self-esteem thus upgrading the professional approach towards this concept and its actual execution in the field by all the stakeholders; and
– Raised awareness about the seriousness of this concept, the attention it should be given and the influence it has if being realized appropriately.

To me, Internship for Change was and still is VISION, MISSION, and PASSION for new challenges and unique experiences that I strongly believe are yet to come in the professionalization of the way how internship process is treated and taken into practice.

I felt honored and privileged to be part of this project giving my modest contribution to its realization at the same accumulating a lot of positive energy, enthusiasm, and memories from the time spent working on it. BEF you really made a difference! ”

Ms. Marijana Cvetkovska, MSC (Econ)
Head of Career Center and Advisor for International Cooperation
Faculty of Economics-Skopje, Ss. Cyril and Methodius University in Skopje

“We value BEF`s commitment to youth and education as valuable pillars for future progress of our society. Their dedication underpinned by a culture of contemporary approach makes them experienced and insightful partners that demonstrate big levels of operational excellence.”

“Our partnership with BEF has helped bring together the youth with the companies and the policy-makers, and directly aid narrowing the different expectations each side has regarding internships. BEF`s commitment to creating a change, along with their culture of operational excellence makes them great partners and excellent professionals to work with.”

“Working together with BEF on the project “Internships for change” proved to be an excellent way in which youth energy and professional expertise and experience joined forces and created an output that positively impacts the youth in our society. Their approach and operational excellency makes them great partners to work with and achieve results beyond expected.”

Anastasija Milkovska
AIESEC Macedonia, President