Student Associations

Student Associations (in alphabetical order)

The Balkan Economic Forum in cooperation with Burak Yitgin as Youth Programme leader began the development of its Youth Programme in Turkey where the BEF is in the process of establishing a prototype framework for the programme. As this develops further, the framework will be expanded to include students, student associations and academicians at other leading universities throughout the Balkans. To date, the BEF is pleased to announce its cooperation with the following student associations which represent an important part of the Youth Programme:


Koç University Business Club

The Business Club of Koç University in Istanbul, Turkey, was established in 1999 with the objective to create collaboration between students, support professional development and merge the business life experience with university mobility. The Club agenda enables students to prepare for business life while continuing academic life and encourages them to gain skills that will be advantageous to them in their careers following graduation. In this scope, KU Business Club has became a symbol of teamwork, continuous learning and teaching, and always moving forward.

With its relations with various international firms and universities, KU Business Club’s mission is to introduce students to the business world and help them make firm decisions concerning their future. Acknowledging that the way to be the best is only possible by working with the best, Ku Business Club has an active role in shaping students’ decisions about the future.

For the Club’s sustainability, KU Business Club adopted a strategic model based on corporate values and combines professionalism, team work and fun to be successful. Club members are the most valuable assets in this plan. The Club creates a valued environment for its members in all situations.


Middle East Technical University Management Club

The Management Club of Middle East Technical University in Ankara, Turkey, was established on 12 February 1992. The Club’s mission is: Serving an “always forward” motto to management science and student. METU Management Club has always been an innovative pioneer and game-changer at the METU campus since its inception. As a result of its leadership and active student participation, our club has become well known throughout Turkey for its activities in business management fields such as finance, marketing and advertising, and executive leadership.

Our programs and activities include: Just Marketing, which is Turkey’s first national student-organized marketing competition; Finance Congress, which is an organization featuring leaders in the financial industry including CFO’s; Leaders@METU which is a career organization that brings together business leaders and students on the METU campus; Cheers, which is Ankara’s first and only traditional student party; Lake Eymir Leadership Games which further the development of leadership qualities and team cooperation skills at Lake Eymir near the METU campus; and GlokalWeb, which is an internet portal that reflects the perspective of Turkish university students through its special features on a wide range of relevant subjects including business, education, culture and art.

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Sabanci University Economics and Management Club

The Economics and Management Club of Sabanci University in Istanbul, Turkey, was established during the first year of our university’s organized education system. Our mission is to organize activities that enable students to further develop their business management and leadership skills and learn about recent developments in various business sectors. In recent years as an Economics and Management Society, we have organized and participated in seminars, firm visits and case studies from a wide variety of firms representing multiple business sectors. Our organizations and events created a tremendous impression both in the domestic and overseas press. We continue to welcome all new ideas that can help us to boost our mission one step further.