Balkan Economic Forum (BEF) attended the 2016 NGO Fair entitled: “Through Volunteerism to Active Citizenship“, organized by the local NGO “Volunteers Centre Skopje” ( 05.12.2016 in cooperation with the City of Skopje.
The  date for organisation of the fair was chosen on the occasion of the  5 December, International Volunteers’ Day.
The NGO Fair was attended by more than 50 (fifty) associations/NGOs/foundations that are registered on the territory of Skopje, as part of their activities to contribute to the benefit of the citizens of Skopje.
Debate and networking between associations took place on three main forums:

  • Forum  1: Volunteering, youth policies, youth participation in decision-making and youth work
  • Forum 2: Working with marginalized groups and people with disabilities, their social inclusion, health protection and diseases  prevention
  • Forum 3: Ecology, sustainable development, sport and sports activities, internet technology, education and culture
BEF would like to use the opportunity to thank the team of Volunteers Centre Skopje for the invitation , great support and excellent organisation of the NGO Fair.