Programmes and Functions


Turkish gulet,  Dodecanese, Greece. Photo by Constantine Alexander (CC2.0)

The Balkan Economic Forum (BEF) programmes and activities are designed to be inclusive in recognition of the potential of every individual to actively contribute to the achievement of tangible economic development for the social welfare of a region, the impact of which will resonate beyond its borders.

While the principal focus of the Balkan Economic Forum in its first year is its annual conference, other programmes and activities currently under development include BEF guidance to global financial resources for economic development, the Youth Programme, media promotion of beneficial BEF projects, advocacy and multi-level professional membership networking. The BEF also supports the international promotion of the growing Balkan tourism industry.

Our Balkan Economic Forum LinkedIn Group is comprised of global professionals from the private and public sectors, institutions of higher learning and NGOs who exchange ideas for transforming various Balkan business sectors. These discussions include shared information about financial resources available from financial and governmental institutions. In our Balkan Economic Forum Facebook page, you will find the latest articles from international media organisations on a wide range of socio-economic and geo-political subjects concerning the Balkans.

As the time-honoured African proverb notes, “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” In the Balkans, it is unquestionably within our grasp to go far, and we believe in doing it together.

  • Macroeconomics (EU Accession; Country Policy and Economic Growth Analysis; Institutions, Governance and Economic Growth; Financial markets and Development; Investment Climate and Growth Analyses)
  • Education, Research and Innovation
  • Rural Development (Agriculture and forestry development: Policy; Agriculture and environment; Bioenergy; Climate change; Organic farming; Biotechnology; Promotional measures; Forest resources; State aid; Food and feed safety; Animal health and welfare; Plant health; Rural business development: Rural tourism; Rural business; Rural network and services; Rural finance)
  • Social Inclusion (Women; Youth; Indigenous people; Minorities; Vulnerable groups)
  • Climate Change and Green Economic Growth (Climate change; Green economic growth)
  • Sectoral Economic Analyses (Transport and Communications; Tourism and Catering; Internal Trade; Information Society; Industry; Construction; Energy; Finance and banking)
  • Networking (National Governments platform; Private sector companies platform; Academic and research institutions platform; Balkan NGO platform; Balkan University students platform)

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