Our value-added

The Balkan Economic Forum (BEF) convenes industry experts, international leaders, government officials, academicians, students and financial institutions to stimulate the development of innovative approaches to new investment, technological adaptation, improved efficiency and economic growth in the Balkans.

Through the BEF, members leverage their best resources and expertise through networking, sharing experiences as well as lessons learned, and building new partnerships committed to economic development actions, the impact of which can be assessed by their measurable results and added value to society.

BEF advocacy at the Balkan national, regional and European levels serves to strengthen the influence of BEF members in public policy and legislative affairs in order to stimulate investment opportunities, sustainable employment, regional cooperation and economic growth.

The BEF engages with academicians, student associations and students at leading Balkan universities in fulfillment of the BEF Youth Programme. The BEF also facilitates collaboration between businesses and institutions of higher learning to stimulate new ideas for the development of improved business models that impact profitability, productivity and global competitiveness.