Dubrovnik Croatia

Dubrovnik, Croatia, Photo by Mario Fajt (CC 2.0)

Professional Membership Networking

Through the Balkan Economic Forum membership directory, events, services and the resulting alliances that are formed, members connect at various levels across multiple business sectors to advance their business potential. Member-to-member contacts allow horizontal networking among members in the same industry although perhaps in different countries, while members also network vertically within the same country or wider region which includes commerce transactions in the supply chain as well as the development of client/customer procurement.

Balkan Economic Forum events and support services also enable member contacts with non-member organisations and institutions at regional, European and international levels in order to expand business and education opportunities for members. This promotes the development of new partnerships and alliances, inter-state cooperation and a strengthened business as well as educational network among Balkan communities.

Balkan Economic Forum will, through its networking activities, try to organize and institutionalize several web-based platforms:

  • National Governments platform
  • Private sector companies platform
  • Academic and research institutions platform
  • Balkan NGO platform
  • Balkan University students platform