Cyclades, Greece. Photo by Constantine Alexander (CC2.0)


We at the Balkan Economic Forum believe that gaining and sharing knowledge can serve as a catapult in our eternal quest for the wisdom which can guide us to our as yet unfulfilled aim of living in reasonable prosperity and harmony with our neighbours while preserving our cultural heritage and the natural resources upon which we are entirely dependent for survival. To this end, we have dedicated our mission.
In furtherance of its mission, the aims of the Association shall be as follows:

  • to advance regional economic development by facilitating the creation of diverse investment opportunities with the participation of institutions that contribute financial resources and other means of support;
  • to promote sustainable employment growth; socio-economic stability; and the protection of natural resources on which certain industries, food security and public health depend through an awareness of ecological economics;
  • to engage academicians, student associations and students in the fields of economics, business management, information technology, law, engineering and international affairs at leading Balkan universities, in programmes that promote multi-cultural cooperation, academic research and business model development to advance global competitiveness;
  • to forge alliances that promote peace, security and regional stability with cooperation on priority issues, such as corruption; and
  • to promote international recognition of the Balkan identity by raising public awareness of the value and contribution made by Balkan countries to the wider European and global economies, as well as to the preservation of its proud multi-cultural heritage.

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