Media Promotion, Advocacy and Networking

In support of the commitments to economic development action that are made and implemented by Balkan Economic Forum (BEF) members, BEF services provide the multi-media promotion of the beneficial results of such actions as well as the professional profiles of the members who have brought this added value to society.

BEF advocacy at regional and European Union (EU) levels with Balkan government officials, EU Member States, European Commission officials, Members of the European Parliament and other Euro-Atlantic institution officials serves to strengthen the influence of BEF members in public policy and legislative affairs to create investment opportunities, sustainable employment, regional cooperation and socio-economic development.

Balkan Economic Forum events and support services also enable member contacts with non-member organizations and institutions at regional, European and international levels in order to expand business and education opportunities for members. This promotes the development of new partnerships and alliances, inter-state cooperation and a strengthened business as well as educational network among Balkan communities.
Balkan Economic Forum will, through its networking activities, try to organize and institutionalize several web-based platforms:
 National Governments platform
 Private sector companies’ platform
 Academic and research institutions platform
 Balkan NGO platform
 Balkan University students’ platform