Internships for change

The project has 3 main objectives:

  1. To raise awareness among the university student population in North Macedonia about the expected profile companies have for graduated students.
  2. To provide motivation for these students by presenting them with a list of possible actions they could become involved in, along with detailed past experiences and easy-to-use contact information.
  3. To prepare a draft outline of the identified drawbacks of the Law on Obligatory Student Internship about its implementation in practice and to create an internship contract template to set forth the legal and experiential expectations for both students and companies.

Donors: Civica Mobilitas (

Duration: September 2017 – March 2018

Project related documents:
– Concrete Needs and Expectations Macedonian Firms Have for Students
– A Day in the Life of an Intern – A Summary of the Event for Students
– CONTRACT TEMPLATE for university
– CONTRACT TEMPLATE for company (MK)
– CONTRACT TEMPLATE for university (MK)
– Предлог промени на правилникот за организирање на практична настава на студентите
– Suggested modifications to the rulebook for the organization of practical learning for students