INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE: Balkans to Asia: scouting economic opportunities for stronger collaboration.

Balkan Economic Forum, together with the Caucasus-Asia Center ( and the European Academy of the Regions (, cooperating under the  Global Coalition for Frontier Markets initiative (, will jointly organize the INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE (25th and 26th of November, 2021): Balkans to Asia: scouting economic opportunities for stronger collaboration.

The pandemic we are currently experiencing has had a strong impact on numerous countries around the world. However, it should not be considered an obstacle for sustainable international collaboration. It should be recognized that the Balkan countries are ready to establish meaningful synergies for cooperation and connection with businesses and stakeholders from Asia in a mutually beneficial way.

Hence, the event’s approach is to take the initial steps for connecting stakeholders and businesses from across the Balkans region with their counterparts in countries in Asia during the ensuing COVID-19 recovery stage. This will create opportunities for citizens, businesses, and governments to scale-up much-needed investments and create new opportunities benefiting both the engaging parties. Sustainable and comprehensive connectivity will contribute to the enhanced prosperity, safety and resilience of people and societies in the Balkans and Asia, through establishing stronger networks and strengthening business partnerships.

The event will address three prominent topics in Balkans to Asia collaboration (contributing through online discussions):

I. Prospecting New Economic Opportunities to create Sustainable Balkans-to-Asian Value Chains.

II. Addressing challenges for stakeholder collaboration under emerging new realities.

III. Strategizing the pathway for Westerns Balkan to Asia business ties.

Why participate in the event?

  • Be part of a key initial economic development event and feed into concrete policy recommendations for impactful actions
  • Connect with prominent individuals who may share a new vision towards Balkans-Asian business, stakeholders’ engagement, and connectivity
  • Network with relevant stakeholders in the different fields and figure out prospective opportunities for initiating business collaboration
  • Become a part of the critical mass of people who will endeavor towards creating tangible business projects geared towards achieving connectedness between the two regions within an evolving global environment