Discover the Balkans


Saint Sophia, Istanbul, Turkey,  by Dennis Jarvis (CC 2.0)

Discover the Balkans

“… the Balkans makes for incredible value. It’s Europe, without the European price tag. The cities are truly beautiful, on the level of many of the more visited European cities. The scenic countryside, often mountainous and covered in snow, will leave an impression on you forever. And the beaches along the Adriatic sea, well, I’m saving them for warmer weather. But by all accounts, the coast is one of the most stunning of anywhere on Earth.

Of the 25 countries I have visited in Europe, the Balkan nations represent the best value so far. I can only see this area becoming ever more popular.

I’m afraid that if I do finally see the coast in summer, I may never leave. Visit, and you’ll see why.

Nate Robert, Australian travel writer and photographer, from his 5 April 2013 article entitled “The Balkans – Is This As Cheap As European Tourism Gets? Update: Yes